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Platanias.bot. An innovative 24×365 digital assistant service of the Municipality!

Chatbots are here to create a new channel of communication, in addition to existing traditional channels, such as call centers, automated voice portals, websites, ticketing systems and so on. They are quite smart, they simulate a conversation with a human, they are already “installed” on the users’ mobile phones as they run on existing written communication softwares, such as facebook messenger, they remember data, choices and preferences, and, in the future, they will be able to execute money transactions. All this results from a single natural language environment, which is already in the users’ mobile phones. Chatbots can act as an alternative means of service for the public.

Chatbots are programs on computers or mobile devices that mimic speech and simulate conversations with humans, use technical speech processing, decision trees, and artificial intelligence, can answer queries and help their interlocutor.

For example, without a chatbot, a user has to visit the website meteo.gr, then type and find the weather forecast for the city they are interested in. With a chatbot, they can use the chat to ask about the current weather conditions or the weather forecast and the bot will answer the question.

Platanias.bot is based on botakis.com technology of Crowdpolicy and is in pilot mode. The full version will have the following features:

  • Provision of administrative information (such as office hours etc).
  • Provision of tourist information (access points, itineraries, etc.).
  • Provision of culture information.
  • Provision of weather information.
  • Incorporation of a form for the submission of the citizens’ proposals and ideas.
  • Appropriate graphic presentation.
  • Provision of information on local itineraries.
  • Provision of information from external databases and third-party platforms such as Restaurants, Pharmacies, Weather.
  • Provision of points of tourist and cultural interest.
  • Provision of information from wikipedia about wider local issues.
  • Search based on the proximity of the points to be selected.

You can try the platanias bot on your computer or your mobile phone through the facebook page of the Municipality.