Αt the Citizen Service Center (KEP), citizens can be informed about Public Administration matters and promote cases related to public entities so that they can be dealt with. Thus, they avoid time-consuming bureaucratic procedures and they can get all the papers they need in one stop («one stop shop»).

Contact info

Κ.Ε.Π Δήμου Πλατανιά

Address: ΚΕΠ Δήμου Πλατανιά, Γεράνι Χανίων, T.K. 730 14

Phone: 2821 3 40040

Fax: 2821 3 40092


Opening hours: Monday to Friday, from 07:30 to 15:30

Services provided

  • Providing information on Public Administration matters.
  • Granting of solemn declarations and authorisations.
  • Signature authentication and certification of copies of documents.
  • Issuing administrative fees.
  • Physical identification of citizens for their registration to the electronic services of the National Public Administration Portal (
  • Providing AMKA (Social Security number).
  • Submission of requests for citizens’ affairs.


 Use of the National Public Administration Portal ERMIS

The Central Portal of the Public Administration, ERMIS (, provides citizens and businesses with information and e-services. Since November 9th, 2015, it has allowed citizens who already have access codes to TAXISnet to gain access to the Portal services without any additional procedures.

By aiming at serving the citizens and creating a single image of the Public Administration, this single way of access allows citizens to avoid the time-consuming identification process through their physical presence at a Citizen Service Center (KEP). The citizens who already have TAXISnet passwords will be able to use them to log in to the ERMIS Portal as fully certified users easily by skipping the time-consuming steps of signing up.

It is thus possible for the Greeks who live abroad to access the electronic services of the Portal, request and receive all the available services and certificates. For example, receiving and printing a birth certificate is now a matter of a few clicks on the sole condition of having TAXISnet access codes. Upon logging in to the ERMIS Portal, citizens immediately gain access to the following services:


  • 9 Electronic Services providing direct receipt of the outcome / certificate from the Portal.
  • 116 Electronic Services providing receipt of the outcome / certificate either electronically on their email box or by physical presence at the KEP of their choice.
  • Information on more than 1,000 Public Administration services / procedures.
  • Obtainment of a digital signature.
  • Access to their personal email box which stores in electronic form the various certificates issued by the user using the electronic services or imported by KEP employees.
  • Tracking the history of their online transactions, be informed about the progress of their requests, and also receive immediate information on where they can use their certificate in Public Administration.